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701 Absolutely Great CloseUp Video with Sweet Teen Girls!
Genres: CloseUp, Pussy Zoom, Teens, 18-21 y.o., Masturbation, Fingering, Toys, Speculum
Rip Date: January 2022

Description of “18CloseUp”: Discover the true beauty that lies in the deepest intimate parts of the female body when a young woman gets aroused, see how her vagina gets soaking wet, how her pussy muscles are squeezing intensely when she orgasms or squirts… Explore every square inch of the most beautiful teens from the wide shot to the extreme close up, follow every crease and fold of these virtually unexplored territories. Sit down, relax and get ready to cum like you never did with a sexy 18 year old teenager discovering her pussy for the first time! All this in real full HD quality.

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Think of 18CloseUp as a very intimate masturbation and lesbian SiteRip. The scenes are focused on the girls and their bodies and, of course, their sweet and soft naughty bits. The camera doesn’t stay back, but instead gets right up close. I could often see the little wrinkles around a model’s butthole or the pores in her skin on and around her pink pussy. Get up close and personal with nubile babes in high-quality videos. The scenes are devoted entirely to close-up shots of tight pink pussies, puckering assholes and perky tits. When the girls masturbate, you’re so close you’ll see their pussy contract and drip, while an butthole flexes. They haven’t updated in a while, though.

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Abby clip 1.mp4
Abby clip 2.mp4
Abigail clip 1.mp4
Abigail clip 2.mp4
Abigail clip 3.mp4
Abigail clip 4.mp4
Abigail clip 5.mp4
Abigail clip 6.mp4
Abigail clip 7.mp4
Aiden clip 1.mp4
Aiden clip 2.mp4
Aiden clip 3.mp4
Aiden clip 4.mp4
Alexandra clip 1.mp4
Alexandra clip 2.mp4
Alexandra clip 3.mp4
Alexandra clip 4.mp4
Alice clip 1.mp4
Alice clip 2.mp4
Alice clip 3.mp4
Alice clip 4.mp4
Alisha Canella clip 1.mp4
Alisha Canella clip 2.mp4
Alisha Canella clip 4.mp4
Alya Shon clip 1.mp4
Alya Shon clip 2.mp4
Alya Shon clip 3.mp4
Amanda clip 1.mp4
Amanda clip 2.mp4
Amanda clip 3.mp4
Amanda clip 4.mp4
Amanda clip 5.mp4
Amanda clip 7.mp4
Amanda clip 8.mp4
Amber Daikiri clip 1.mp4
Amber Daikiri clip 2.mp4
Amber Daikiri clip 3.mp4
Amelia clip 1.mp4
Amelia clip 2.mp4
Amelia clip 3.mp4
Amelia clip 4.mp4
Amelia clip 5.mp4
Amelia clip 6.mp4
Amelia clip 7.mp4
Anastasia clip 1.mp4
Anastasia clip 2.mp4
Anastasia clip 3.mp4
Anastasia clip 4.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 1.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 2.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 3.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 4.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 5.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 6.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 7.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 8.mp4
Angel and Kattie clip 9.mp4
Angel clip 4.mp4
Angel Kiss clip 1.mp4
Angel Kiss clip 2.mp4
Angel Kiss clip 3.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 1.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 2.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 3.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 4.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 5.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 6.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 7.mp4
Angel Wicky clip 8.mp4
Angie clip 1.mp4
Angie clip 2.mp4
Angie clip 3.mp4
Angie clip 4.mp4
Anna clip 1.mp4
Anna clip 2.mp4
Anna clip 3.mp4
Anna clip 4.mp4
Anna clip 5.mp4
Anna clip 6.mp4
Anni Bay clip 2.mp4
Anni Bay clip 3.mp4
Anni Bay clip 4.mp4
Anni clip 1.mp4
Antuanetta clip 1.mp4
Aphrodita clip 1.mp4
Aphrodita clip 2.mp4
Aphrodita clip 3.mp4
Aphrodita clip 4.mp4
Aphrodita clip 5.mp4
Aphrodita clip 6.mp4
Aphrodita clip 7.mp4
Ariana clip 1.mp4
Ariana clip 2.mp4
Ariana clip 3.mp4
Ariana clip 4.mp4
Ariana clip 5.mp4
Ariana clip 6.mp4
Ariana clip 7.mp4
Ariel clip 1.mp4
Ariel clip 2.mp4
Atika clip 1.mp4
Atika clip 2.mp4
Atika clip 3.mp4
Atika clip 4.mp4
Ava clip 1.mp4
Ava clip 2.mp4
Ava clip 3.mp4
Ava clip 4.mp4
Ava clip 5.mp4
Ava clip 6.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 1.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 2.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 3.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 4.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 5.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 6.mp4
Barbara and Barbara clip 7.mp4
Barbara clip 1.mp4
Barbara clip 2.mp4
Barbara clip 3.mp4
Barbara clip 4.mp4
Barbara clip 5.mp4
Barbara clip 6.mp4
Barbara clip 7.mp4
Barbara clip 9.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 1.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 2.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 3.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 4.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 5.mp4
Barbara Sweet clip 6.mp4
Beatrice clip 1.mp4
Beatrice clip 2.mp4
Beatrice clip 3.mp4
Beatrice clip 4.mp4
Brianna clip 1.mp4
Brianna clip 2.mp4
Brianna clip 3.mp4
Brianna clip 4.mp4
Brianna clip 5.mp4
Brianna clip 6.mp4
Britney clip 1.mp4
Britney clip 2.mp4
Britney clip 3.mp4
Britney clip 4.mp4
Britney clip 5.mp4
Britney clip 6.mp4
Britney clip 7.mp4
Britney clip 8.avi
Britney clip 9.mp4
Camila clip 1.mp4
Camila clip 2.mp4
Camila clip 3.mp4
Camila clip 4.mp4
Camila clip 5.mp4
Camila clip 6.mp4
Candy clip 1.mp4
Candy clip 2.mp4
Candy clip 3.mp4
Candy clip 4.mp4
Carol clip 1.mp4
Carol clip 2.mp4
Carol clip 3.mp4
Carol clip 4.mp4
Carol clip 5.mp4
Carol clip 6.mp4
Carol clip 7.mp4
Carolina clip 1.mp4
Carolina clip 2.mp4
Carolina clip 3.mp4
Carolina clip 4.mp4
Carolina clip 5.mp4
Carolyn clip 1.mp4
Carolyn clip 2.mp4
Carolyn clip 3.mp4
Carolyn clip 4.mp4
Carolyn clip 5.mp4
Carolyn clip 6.mp4
Cassie clip 1.mp4
Cassie clip 2.mp4
Cassie clip 3.mp4
Cassie clip 4.mp4
Charlotte clip 1.mp4
Charlotte clip 2.mp4
Charlotte clip 3.mp4
Charlotte clip 4.mp4
Charlotte clip 5.mp4
Cindy clip 1.mp4
Cindy clip 2.mp4
Cindy clip 3.mp4
Cindy clip 4.mp4
Cindy clip 5.mp4
Cindy clip 6.mp4
Cindy Hope clip 1.mp4
Cindy Hope clip 2.mp4
Cindy Hope clip 3.mp4
Cindy Hope clip 4.mp4
Cindy Hope clip 5.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 1.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 2.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 3.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 4.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 5.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 6.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 7.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 8.mp4
Claire and Ariana clip 9.mp4
Claire clip 1.mp4
Claire clip 10.mp4
Claire clip 2.mp4
Claire clip 3.mp4
Claire clip 4.mp4
Claire clip 5.mp4
Claire clip 6.mp4
Claire clip 7.mp4
Claire clip 8.mp4
Claire clip 9.mp4
Cordelia A. clip 1.mp4
Cordelia A. clip 2.mp4
Cordelia A. clip 3.mp4
Cordelia A. clip 4.mp4
Crystal clip 1.mp4
Crystal clip 2.mp4
Crystal clip 3.mp4
Crystal clip 4.mp4
Crystal clip 5.mp4
Crystal clip 7.mp4
Darlene clip 1.mp4
Darlene clip 2.mp4
Darlene clip 3.mp4
Darlene clip 4.mp4
Darlene clip 5.mp4
Darlene clip 6.mp4
Dominica clip 1.mp4
Dominica clip 2.mp4
Dominica clip 3.mp4
Dominica clip 4.mp4
Dominika clip 1.mp4
Dominika clip 2.mp4
Dominika clip 3.mp4
Dominika clip 4.mp4
Elektra clip 1.mp4
Elektra clip 2.mp4
Elektra clip 4.mp4
Elektra clip 5.mp4
Elektra clip 6.mp4
Elektra clip 7.mp4
Elektra clip 8.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 1.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 2.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 3.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 4.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 5.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 6.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 7.mp4
Emily and Emma clip 8.mp4
Emily clip 1.mp4
Emily clip 2.mp4
Emily clip 3.mp4
Emily clip 4.mp4
Emily clip 5.mp4
Emily clip 6.mp4
Emily clip 7.mp4
Emily clip 8.mp4
Emily clip 9.mp4
Emma clip 1.mp4
Emma clip 2.mp4
Emma clip 3.mp4
Emma clip 4.mp4
Evelina Darling clip 1.mp4
Evelina Darling clip 2.mp4
Evelina Darling clip 3.mp4
Evelina Darling clip 4 .mp4
Evelina Darling clip 4.mp4
Evelina Darling clip 5.mp4
Evelyn Cage clip 1.mp4
Evelyn Cage clip 2.mp4
Evelyn Cage clip 3.mp4
Evelyn Cage clip 4.mp4
Gaby clip 1.mp4
Gaby clip 2.mp4
Gaby clip 3.mp4
Gaby clip 4.mp4
Gaby clip 5.mp4
Gaby clip 6.mp4
Gloria clip 1.mp4
Gloria clip 2.mp4
Gloria clip 3.mp4
Gloria clip 4.mp4
Gloria clip 5.mp4
Gloria clip 6.mp4
Gloria clip 7.mp4
Helen clip 1.mp4
Helen clip 2.mp4
Helen clip 3.mp4
Helen clip 4.mp4
Helen clip 5.mp4
Helen clip 6.mp4
Helen clip 7.mp4
Isabella clip 1.mp4
Isabella clip 2.mp4
Isabella clip 3.mp4
Isabella clip 4.mp4
Isabella clip 5.mp4
Isabella clip 6.mp4
Jane clip 1.mp4
Jane clip 2.mp4
Jane clip 3.mp4
Jane clip 4.mp4
Jane clip 5.mp4
Jane clip 6.mp4
Jane clip 7.mp4
Jaydee clip 1.mp4
Jaydee clip 2.mp4
Jaydee clip 3.mp4
Jennifer clip 1.mp4
Jennifer clip 10.mp4
Jennifer clip 11.mp4
Jennifer clip 12.mp4
Jennifer clip 2.mp4
Jennifer clip 3.mp4
Jennifer clip 4.mp4
Jennifer clip 5.mp4
Jennifer clip 6.mp4
Jennifer clip 7.mp4
Jennifer clip 8.mp4
Jennifer clip 9.mp4
Jenny and Atika clip 1.mp4
Jenny and Atika clip 2.mp4
Jenny and Atika clip 3.mp4
Jenny and Atika clip 4.mp4
Jenny and Atika clip 5.mp4
Jenny clip 1.mp4
Jenny clip 2.mp4
Jenny clip 3.mp4
Jenny clip 4.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 1.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 2.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 3.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 4.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 5.mp4
Jill and Lorie clip 6.mp4
Jolie clip 1.mp4
Jolie clip 2.mp4
Jolie clip 3.mp4
Jolie clip 4.mp4
Jolie clip 5.mp4
Julia Candy and Valentina clip 1.mp4
Julia Candy and Valentina clip 2.mp4
Julia Candy and Valentina clip 3.mp4
Julia Candy and Valentina clip 4.mp4
Julia clip 1.mp4
Julia clip 2.mp4
Julia clip 3.mp4
Julia clip 4.mp4
Julia clip 5.mp4
Julia clip 6.mp4
Julia clip 7.mp4
Julia clip 8.mp4
Julianna clip 1.mp4
Julianna clip 2.mp4
Julianna clip 3.mp4
Julianna clip 4.mp4
Julianna clip 5.mp4
Julianna clip 6.mp4
Julianna clip 7.mp4
June clip 1.mp4
June clip 2.mp4
June clip 3.mp4
Karina clip 1.mp4
Karina clip 2.mp4
Karina clip 3.mp4
Karina clip 4.mp4
Katia clip 1.mp4
Katia clip 2.mp4
Katia clip 3.mp4
Katia clip 4.mp4
Katia clip 5.mp4
Katie clip 1.mp4
Katie clip 2.mp4
Katie clip 3.mp4
Katie clip 4.mp4
Katie clip 5.mp4
Katie clip 6.mp4
Katrine clip 1.mp4
Katrine clip 2.mp4
Katrine clip 3.mp4
Katrine clip 4.mp4
Katrine clip 5.mp4
Katrine clip 6.mp4
Katrine clip 8.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 1.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 2.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 3.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 4.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 5.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 6.mp4
Kattie Gold clip 7.mp4
Katya clip 1.mp4
Katya clip 2.mp4
Katya clip 3.mp4
Katya clip 5.mp4
Katya clip 6.mp4
Kitty clip 1.mp4
Kitty clip 2.mp4
Kitty clip 3.mp4
Kitty clip 4.mp4
Kitty clip 5.mp4
Kitty clip 7.mp4
Kitty clip 8.mp4
Kristina and Abby clip 1.mp4
Kristina and Abby clip 2.mp4
Kristina and Abby clip 3.mp4
Kristina and Abby clip 4.mp4
Kristina clip 1.mp4
Kristina clip 2.mp4
Kristina clip 3.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 1.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 2.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 3.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 4.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 5.mp4
Kylie and Maria clip 6.mp4
Kylie clip 1.mp4
Kylie clip 2.mp4
Kylie clip 3.mp4
Kylie clip 4.mp4
Kylie clip 5.mp4
Lana clip 1.mp4
Lana clip 2.mp4
Lana clip 3.mp4
Lana clip 4.mp4
Lara clip 1.mp4
Lara clip 2.mp4
Lara clip 3.mp4
Lara clip 4.mp4
Lauren May clip 1.mp4
Lauren May clip 3.mp4
Lea clip 1.mp4
Lea clip 2.mp4
Lea clip 3.mp4
Lea clip 4.mp4
Lea clip 5.mp4
Lea clip 6.mp4
Leona clip 1.mp4
Leona clip 2.mp4
Leona clip 3.mp4
Leona clip 4.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 1.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 2.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 3.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 4.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 5.mp4
Lilly and Mya clip 6.mp4
Lilly clip 1.mp4
Lilly clip 2.mp4
Lilly clip 3.mp4
Lilly clip 4.mp4
Lilly clip 5.mp4
Lilly clip 6.mp4
Lilly clip 7.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 1.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 2.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 3.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 4.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 5.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 6.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 7.mp4
Lindsey Olsen clip 8.mp4
Liona and Amber clip 1.mp4
Liona and Amber clip 2.mp4
Liona and Amber clip 3.mp4
Liona and Amber clip 4.mp4
Liona Levi clip 1.mp4
Liona Levi clip 2.mp4
Liona Levi clip 3.mp4
Liona Levi clip 4.mp4
Lisa clip 1.mp4
Lisa clip 2.mp4
Lisa clip 3.mp4
Lisa clip 4.mp4
Lisa clip 5.mp4
Lisa clip 6.mp4
Lisa clip 7.mp4
Little Caprice clip 1.mp4
Little Caprice clip 2.mp4
Little Caprice clip 3.mp4
Little Caprice clip 4.mp4
Liza clip 1.mp4
Liza clip 2.mp4
Liza clip 3.mp4
Liza clip 4.mp4
Liza clip 5.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 1.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 2.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 3.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 4.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 5.mp4
Lola and Sofia clip 7.mp4
Lola clip 1.mp4
Lola clip 2.mp4
Lola clip 3.mp4
Lola clip 4.mp4
Lola clip 5.mp4
Lola clip 6.mp4
Madison clip 1.mp4
Madison clip 2.mp4
Madison clip 3.mp4
Madison clip 4.mp4
Madison clip 5.mp4
Maeva clip 1.mp4
Maeva clip 2.mp4
Maeva clip 3.mp4
Maeva clip 4.mp4
Maeva clip 5.mp4
Maeva clip 6.mp4
Maeva clip 7.mp4
Maeva clip 8.mp4
Maria clip 1.mp4
Maria clip 3.mp4
Maria clip 4.mp4
Maria clip 5.mp4
Maria clip 6.mp4
Maria clip 7.mp4
Maria clip 8.mp4
Maria clip 9.mp4
Marie clip 1.mp4
Marie clip 2.mp4
Marie clip 3.mp4
Marie clip 4.mp4
Marie clip 6.mp4
Marie clip 7.mp4
Mary clip 1.mp4
Mary clip 2.mp4
Mary clip 3.mp4
Marydee clip 1.mp4
Marydee clip 2.mp4
Marydee clip 3.mp4
Marydee clip 4.mp4
Mathylda clip 1.mp4
Mathylda clip 2.mp4
Mathylda clip 3.mp4
Mathylda clip 4.mp4
Maya clip 1.mp4
Maya clip 2.mp4
Maya clip 3.mp4
Maya clip 4.mp4
Maya clip 5.mp4
Megan clip 1.mp4
Megan clip 2.mp4
Megan clip 3.mp4
Megan clip 4.mp4
Megan clip 5.mp4
Megan clip 7.mp4
Megan clip 8.mp4
Melanie clip 1.mp4
Melanie clip 2.mp4
Melanie clip 3.mp4
Melanie clip 4.mp4
Melanie clip 5.mp4
Melissa clip 1.mp4
Melissa clip 2.mp4
Melissa clip 3.mp4
Melissa clip 4.mp4
Melissa clip 5.mp4
Melissa clip 6.mp4
Mia clip 1.mp4
Mia clip 2.mp4
Mia clip 3.mp4
Mia clip 4.mp4
Mia clip 6.mp4
Mia clip 7.mp4
Milla clip 1.mp4
Milla clip 2.mp4
Milla clip 3.mp4
Milla clip 4.mp4
Milla clip 5.mp4
Milla clip 6.mp4
Milla clip 7.mp4
Mona clip 1.mp4
Mona clip 2.mp4
Mona clip 3.mp4
Mona clip 4.mp4
Mona clip 5.mp4
Mona clip 6.mp4
Mya Dark clip 1.mp4
Mya Dark clip 2.mp4
Mya Dark clip 3.mp4
Mya Dark clip 4.mp4
Mya Dark clip 5.mp4
Mya Dark clip 6.mp4
Nancy A. clip 1.mp4
Nancy A. clip 2.mp4
Nancy A. clip 3.mp4
Nicole clip 1.mp4
Nicole clip 2.mp4
Nicole clip 3.mp4
Nicole clip 4.mp4
Nicole clip 5.mp4
Nicole clip 6.mp4
Nicole clip 7.mp4
Olivia Catwoman clip 1.mp4
Olivia Catwoman clip 2.mp4
Olivia Catwoman clip 3.mp4
Olivia Catwoman clip 4.mp4
Patricia clip 1.mp4
Patricia clip 2.mp4
Patricia clip 3.mp4
Patricia clip 4.mp4
Patricia clip 6.mp4
Patricia clip 7.mp4
Paula clip 1.mp4
Paula clip 2.mp4
Paula clip 3.mp4
Paula clip 4.mp4
Paula clip 5.mp4
Paula clip 6.mp4
Paula clip 7.mp4
Paula clip 8.mp4
Rebecca Fox clip 1.mp4
Rebecca Fox clip 2.mp4
Rita clip 1.mp4
Rita clip 2.mp4
Rita clip 3.mp4
Rita clip 4.mp4
Rita clip 5.mp4
Rita clip 6.mp4
Rita clip 8.mp4
Rita clip 9.mp4
Sasha clip 1.mp4
Sasha clip 2.mp4
Sasha clip 3.mp4
Sasha clip 4.mp4
Sasha clip 5.mp4
Sasha clip 6.mp4
Sasha clip 7.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 1.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 2.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 3.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 4.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 5.mp4
Sasha Rose clip 6.mp4
Shirley clip 1.mp4
Shirley clip 2.mp4
Shirley clip 3.mp4
Shirley clip 4.mp4
Shirley clip 5.mp4
Shirley clip 6.mp4
Shirley clip 7.mp4
Sofia clip 1.mp4
Sofia clip 2.mp4
Sofia clip 3.mp4
Sofia clip 4.mp4
Sofia clip 5.mp4
Sofia clip 6.mp4
Sofia clip 7.mp4
Sofia clip 8.mp4
Sophie clip 1.mp4
Sophie clip 2.mp4
Sophie clip 3.mp4
Sophie clip 4.mp4
Sophie clip 5.mp4
Taissia and Marry clip 1.mp4
Taissia and Marry clip 2.mp4
Taissia and Marry clip 3.mp4
Taissia clip 1.mp4
Taissia clip 2.mp4
Taissia clip 3.mp4
Taissia clip 4.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 1.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 2.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 3.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 4.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 5.mp4
Tania and Kate clip 6.mp4
Tatiana clip 1.mp4
Tatiana clip 2.mp4
Tatiana clip 3.mp4
Tatiana clip 4.mp4
Tatiana clip 5.mp4
Tatiana clip 6.mp4
Valentina clip 1.mp4
Valentina clip 2.mp4
Valentina clip 3.mp4
Valentina clip 4.mp4
Valentina clip 5.mp4
Valentina clip 6.mp4
Valentina clip 7.mp4
Verona clip 1.mp4
Verona clip 2.mp4
Verona clip 3.mp4
Verona clip 4.mp4
Vicky clip 1.mp4
Vicky clip 2.mp4
Vicky clip 3.mp4
Vicky clip 4.mp4
Virginia clip 1.mp4
Virginia clip 2.mp4
Virginia clip 3.mp4
Virginia clip 4.avi
Virginia clip 5.mp4

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